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"What is your Spiritual Family then but an experience of your foundation, given within a framework that you can cherish and accept? God has established a Plan that works because it reorders all levels of separation into a functioning and moving organization. It includes everyone. It is far more masterful of your creations than you are."[1]

Foundation for cooperation for humanity

"The Greater Community brings great risk to humanity, but it also brings the saving grace requiring a greater education, a greater spiritual attunement and a greater set of abilities. It puts everyone in the world in the same boat—rich or poor. No matter what country you are from, you are faced with the same problem. This equalizes the inequities that exist and provides a foundation for cooperation that simply did not exist substantially enough before.

The reality of the Greater Community, the need to create a Greater Community understanding and perspective and the need to learn Greater Community Spirituality are the very things that will provide the foundation for cooperation for humanity. It is not simply that humanity everywhere is facing a grave threat; it is also that you have now the opportunity to develop the foundation that will solve most of the world’s problems today and will prepare and enable you to deal with the greater problems that are awaiting humanity in its emergence into a Greater Community of life."[2]


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