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"As Knowledge becomes stronger in the human family, offers of foreign technology and foreign governance will lose their appeal."[1]

The Briefings from the Allies of Humanity "encourage humanity’s independence in the universe and the importance of not allowing foreign nations to establish their interests here and foster dependence upon their foreign technology."[2]


"Do not seek for foreign technology,
do not invite it and
do not accept it if it is offered to you."[3]
"Do not accept foreign technology, for it is only here
to addict you and
to persuade you and
to make you dependent.
It is a seduction, and nothing more."[4]

“Do not come to the visitors with open hands, begging and pleading, greedy for their power or their technology, for this will trap you and this will blind you. Here you will lose your free will.” [5]

“Do not be impressed by races that have advanced technology, for most of them have had to sacrifice things of great value to achieve this technology. Their quest for power has cost them freedom and, in some cases, their race’s self-determination.” [6]

"Do not think that your subjugation represents your destiny. Do not believe that another race will come and govern you with wisdom and compassion. Do not think that gaining ever higher levels of technology will assure you any greater advantage in the Greater Community. Beyond the requirements of establishing your unity, your self-sufficiency and your discretion, technology becomes ever more hazardous. It begins to work against everything you have created for yourself." [7]

Susceptibility to persuasion

"History tells you how great civilizations have capitulated to small groups of clever and deceptive invaders. Especially later in the history of the world, this has been demonstrated repeatedly. Entire nations and cultures, even today, are falling under persuasion of foreign powers by dependence on foreign technology and by the persuasion of the Intervention itself."[8]

"When you encounter visitors from the outside, you will tend to misunderstand their presence and intentions—thinking they are here to help you, thinking they are here to benefit you, and you will be very susceptible to their offers of technology, to their inducements and to their seductions. You will be at risk of failing to see that they are merely resource explorers." [9]

“Forces from the Greater Community who are visiting the world will not give humanity technology unless they want humanity to become dependent upon them. This is an essential idea. Again, there are many people who think that the visitors will bring life-saving technology to humanity which will solve many of humanity’s problems because technology is now seen as the saving grace. In earlier times, Providence was considered the saving grace. Now it is technology. ” [5]

"As resources decline within this world, and as economic and political instability increases, the offerings of the Intervention will become ever more persuasive, yet what it is offering is your own demise—the loss of human freedom, your dependence upon foreign technology and foreign power. This is how races such as yours, who are unprepared for life in the Universe, can fall under foreign persuasion and foreign dominance. This is how a world such as this could be overtaken without any use of force."[4]

"You may think that a foreign power with foreign technology would have a strength that would be insurmountable, but you are dealing with a small group of resource explorers who are posing as great technological powers."[4]

you must be self-sufficient

“Already within the world today, technology is viewed by the younger generations as being the god, the saving grace, the true inspiration. People worship technology because it seems to do miraculous things for them. However, it puts them in bondage and they lose their inner authority as a result. People say, 'I cannot live without this appliance!' or 'I cannot live without this machine!' and 'How could I possibly function without this?' As a result, people everywhere lose their natural instincts. They lose their natural associations with the world. And over time, they begin to lose their ability to have profound experiences of insight and Knowledge—experiences which herald the emergence of Knowledge within the individual.” [5]

A time of consequence

"Humanity is at a great turning point, a turning point that will lead either to its permanent decline or to its future ascension as a united and powerful race. It is at this great threshold that certain other races will exert their influence because the resources of the world are valuable and because humanity is viewed as a resource by these forces. Great care will be taken to encourage a shift in authority, a reliance upon foreign power, a reliance upon foreign technology. All the while, the Intervention will present itself as a benign and uplifting force to those few people who have become aware of it and especially to those who have come under its influence."[8]

Fatal risk of dependence

"If the technology and structure of society are dependent upon foreign manufacture and foreign resources, then it is vulnerable. It is this vulnerability that humanity must seek to avoid. Do not be foolish in accepting gifts from those who are visiting your world. Do not be persuaded that you must have this foreign technology for your own benefit. If you do accept such things, you will become vulnerable. Unable now to provide for yourselves, you will have to meet the terms of those who have become your providers."[10]

“Other races from the Greater Community whom you will encounter will be more advanced than you are in their technology and in their social cohesion. This will give them power and influence over you. However, if you can become strong with Knowledge, and if you can translate Knowledge into the world through your contribution, then you will advance your entire race and give it a greater foundation and a great ability to adapt, to survive and to succeed. This is necessary, for the Greater Community will either elevate you or destroy you as a race. This is how great its impact upon you will be.” [11]

"This represents an essential understanding that you must have in approaching the Greater Community. Do not accept trinkets from space, for you will undermine your freedom in the process. Nothing really important will be given to humanity in this regard by those who are intervening in your world. They are seeking to create dependency and addiction. This gives them power and leverage, even in their small numbers, over a much larger human family that is unsuspecting and that can be easily persuaded." [10]

"The extent to which a nation must trade will compromise its self-determination and in some cases even undermine its sovereignty entirely. It is common for young, emerging races such as your own to fall under the domination of foreign powers as a result of becoming dependent upon certain forms of foreign technology. In some cases, this domination is outright and complete."[3]


The Greater Community "represents your destiny. It contains a greater set of influences and presents a greater set of problems, challenges and opportunities that await you. This is why your technology is racing ahead. Some of this technology was introduced from the Greater Community in order to accelerate your development. Much of it was your own creation. It is headed in a certain direction."[12]

"No nation will prosper and remain free if other nations in your world fall under foreign persuasion—a persuasion that will encourage human conflict in order to weaken the earthly powers that you have and to weaken the strength of the human family, fracturing it and making it more susceptible to persuasion, to foreign manipulation and to the need for foreign technology."[10]


'Do not accept foreign technology, for it is only here to addict you and to persuade you and to make you dependent. It is a seduction, and nothing more. It is like giving drugs to a native tribe in the jungle, who then become addicted and enslaved to whoever provides these things."[4]


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