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Unlike visitations of the murky past

"You cannot look to the past to understand the nature, the purpose or the reality of the foreign presence and intervention in your world today. You have only a few traces of evidence to tell you that visitation has occurred, largely through the writings and artwork of native peoples from different cultures, from different eras. But this is insufficient as a guide. This will not reveal to you the reality of the universe around you, the forces that exist there or what humanity will have to face and deal with in the future."[1]

Veiled in half-truths and deception

"The mystery of this has now been covered up by lies and deception. People have been encouraged to believe fantastic things about the alien presence in the world, thinking that it is a fantasy or that it represents some kind of wonderful story from the past. It is now so veiled in half-truths and deception, in ridicule and in fantasy, that even those people who have recognized a foreign presence in the world cannot think clearly about it. It has been so confused, so muddled, so turned and so changed. Certain people have even been encouraged by the governments to tell fantastic and wild stories, to create discredit upon anyone who might seek to present anything true or real or to attempt to generate an honest conversation, a public conversation, a public debate, a public awareness."[2]


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