Fire of Knowledge

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"Feed the fire of Knowledge, every single day."[1]

Physical Manifestation

“When you become still, when you sit quietly, you can feel it. It does not reside only in one part of your body, but you can feel it in your heart and in your stomach. You can feel the pressure to seek that which is calling for you in the world.”[2]

The necessity

“You need this Fire to prevent yourself from falling into despair or from becoming jaded and cynical. You need this Fire to keep your eyes open, to keep listening, looking and watching the horizon of your life. You will need this Fire to find those people who hold a key to your greater work and relationships in life.”[2]

“For if you live only at the surface of your mind, you will perish there. You will lose your direction. You will lose your incentive. You will lose your passion for life. You will lose your inspiration. And you will fall into despair. Even if you live with affluence and luxury, you will fall into despair.” [2]

The Presence

“With this Fire, you will feel the Presence that abides with you, the Presence of those who watch over you, the Presence that this sacred Fire maintains within you—the Fire that cannot be extinguished, for it was burning before you came into this world, and it will be burning once you leave this place.” [2]


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Further Study

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