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"Conquest is not allowed in this region of space, and it is not even considered because it would be too destructive to the world." [1]

"History has taught us that Intervention is always carried out for self-interest." [2]

"You need as little interference as possible, but you do need great assistance." [3]

True Service to Humanity

"If you had to live under the protection of a foreign power, that foreign power would have to control human awareness and human governments to a very great degree. No nation that is free is equipped to do this, nor ultimately is it in your best interests." [4]

"Contact must serve humanity. It must occur for humanity's best interests. It must be ethical from our standpoint or we're simply being manipulated and undermined by foreign powers who will not reveal their presence or intentions to us and who in so many ways have been giving a false impression of who they are and why they are here." [2]

True giving

"You have Allies in the universe who are not allowed to interfere with your world, but who have sent information in the form of a set of briefings to help prepare humanity to learn how to establish its own rules of engagement with intelligent life, and to emphasis the need to establish your own ethics of contact, for you do not want to be the unwitting recipients of whatever anyone else wants to do here. You have a responsibility as the native peoples of the world to establish a boundary to space and to determine who many enter here and under what circumstance, reflecting the will and the awareness of the people of Earth. Such rules of engagement and boundaries do not now exist and it is leaving you open and vulnerable." [5]

Having Clearly Established Boundaries

"Humanity’s real Allies are not present in the world. They are not here influencing humanity, controlling and manipulating human perception, human emotion and human allegiance.

Your Allies would not intervene in the world in such a manner, for this would require them to take control of the world, which they will not do. And this would undermine humanity’s potential to become a free and self-determined race in the universe."[6]

Neither Deceptive nor Manipulative

Knowing friend from foe

"The contact that is occurring now and has been occurring, particularly in the last fifty years, is not ethical contact. It will not benefit us. It has not benefited us. It will lead us into a state of dependency, a state of acquiescence. We’re dealing with forces here that are very clever in doing this. They are much more sophisticated than our corporate marketers or our government in terms of manipulating thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This is a very powerful skill that’s used in the universe around us particularly amongst competing races, races that compete for resources." [7]

"Here there is no attempt to circumvent human authority. There is no attempt to induce us with promises of peace and technology and spiritual enlightenment. Here there is no presence in our world acting surreptitiously in secret. It's just an honest communication of sending their wisdom without interfering in our affairs. This is ethical contact. Anything beyond that is not ethical contact. It would only be don out of self-interest. All intervention is done out of self-interest (intervention of this kind).[8]

Based on Practical Reality

"Outright invasion is not allowed in this region of space because it is a very civilized part of the Universe. Races cannot come and take another world by force. It is not allowed because it represents danger and instability in this part of space. If races want to gain influence in another world, it must appear that their presence is accepted and welcomed. They must attempt to gain control by other means."[6]

"There are certain ethical principles that are established for the convenience of interacting with other worlds within a general area. These are more like codes of ethics in order to preserve peace. One of the codes of ethics is the preservation of all biological environments. This holds true in the region in which your world exists. It is enforced for practical and expedient reasons. Terrestrial worlds such as yours are rare and represent valuable biological components that can be duplicated and introduced in other worlds where life is being colonized or is already established." [9]


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