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"God has the answer to your most fundamental and essential questions about life. But you must be patient and take the Steps to Knowledge and hold yourself back regarding other people."[1]

Essential for survival

"The study of Knowledge is not only edifying, it is essential for survival and advancement in the Greater Community."[2]

"It is indeed your self-sufficiency and the development of your understanding and unity that become most essential for your wellbeing in the future."[2]

Essential to collectives

"In large collectives" ... "uniformity and compliance are essential to efficient functioning, particularly over vast areas of space."[2]

Essential to the Intervention agenda

"It is the individual’s response and commitment to the truth that are essential here." [3]

Essential role of the Allies

"Our role, then, is quite essential, and our information is very needed because at this time even people who are aware of the presence of the visitors are not yet aware of their intentions."[4]

Something essential missing in hybrid humans

"You will think they are human beings, but something essential will seem to be missing in them, something that is valued within your world. It is possible to be able to discern and to identify these individuals, but in order to do so, you would have to become skilled in the mental environment and learn what Knowledge and Wisdom mean in the Greater Community." [4]

Essentials of religion

"The religious traditions of the world speak well for you in their essential teachings."[5]

"Only that which is essential in the study and the practice of the awareness of the Creator and the Creator’s great endowment of Knowledge to the individual is translatable.[6]


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