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Escapism in living for the moment

"We do not say, 'Escape into the moment. There is no future,' because this is merely irresponsible."[1]

"You can be fully present and find temporary escape from your worldly burdens and conflicts. But difficulties will continue."[2]

Escapism as distraction

"This need to escape your own anxiety, your own discomfort, leads to endless pursuits, endless distractions, none of which can resolve your fundamental problem. And your fundamental problem is your mind is not connected to Knowledge within yourself, so the mind and the Spirit are disconnected."[3]

"The personal side is all about fear and survival. It knows that it cannot overcome the forces of nature and that its fight to survive will in time be overwhelmed, and so it seeks comfort and escape."[4]

"When I hear people talking about how they’re waiting around for Knowledge to guide them, that tells me that they’re not doing the work that’s theirs to do. You cannot give over the reins to God. Sorry. God wants you in the driver’s seat. God can sit in the back seat—Knowledge, through Knowledge.

So there’s no repose here really. There’s only responsibility and determination. And with that comes strength and movement, freedom, certainty, true relationship. Yes.

So Knowledge will guide you in important and greater matters. But guidance in the everyday affairs of your life falls within your domain. And actually, the New Message gives you practices here to help you in those domains: how to make decisions, how to recognize things, how to listen to others, how to listen to yourself, how to deal with work, how to deal with friction in relationships, how to deal with disappointment."[5]


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