End to all suffering

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"Strengthen your resolve to be a student of Knowledge, for this will free you from all suffering and will give you the greatness that you are intended to give to the world."[1]

To give up all suffering

"Time here can be equated with suffering. God’s will is to relieve you of your suffering and to enable you to eliminate it completely. This requires that you find the most expedient means to learn through experience how to apply Knowledge. Your relationship with others is your learning arena, and here you will find that there is more to unlearn than to learn. For your mind must be cleared and freed of its restraints, its assumptions and its oppressive demands in order for it to follow its natural course, which it will do if guided by Knowledge."[2]

"There are the very rare individuals who are ready to give up all suffering, and for them there is a very special curriculum which we will not speak of, for it is not relevant to your needs.They choose a path that is very expedient but not easy because the direct method is not easy.The slower method is easier now but more difficult in the long run." [3]

"Your first objective, then, is to face your suffering directly, and by this I mean you must face suffering without judgment. If you are present with suffering, it cannot affect you. But if you are reacting to suffering or trying to change it, it can overtake you at any time.Those who fight suffering will become enslaved, for they are responding to it. It is capturing them because it is a habit and an addiction. It is something that claims people in spite of their good intentions."[3]

To end suffering

"To armor yourself against disappointment is to cast yourself in chains. Now your preparation requires more time and is more difficult to bring about. This means that there is more suffering. Therefore, to end suffering in the world, we teach the reclamation of Knowledge. A more daring and adventuresome pursuit you cannot imagine.This makes climbing great mountains like boy’s play! A more thorough involvement with your True Self and all of your important abilities you cannot find. You must honor yourself to even begin to consider it. You cannot be a pathetic person and think it is a worthy pursuit for you. There must be something in you that is truly valuable that is worth this kind of investment of your time."[4]

"You have no origin, so the soul cannot die. But if the soul is living in a hellish state, then its suffering seems to have no end. It is a prisoner in the reality of Separation. This Separation has an end. But it is an end far beyond the scope of this life, an end that you will work for in different capacities even as you outgrow the need to live in this world or to even take form."[5]


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