Employment and unemployment

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"Focus your work on essential goods and services."[1]

Essential goods and services

"Is your work going to be sustained into the future? Do you have a career that represents the [production] of essential goods and services? Can your work or career be viable in the future when people will have very little money to spend and will be emphasizing essential things?"[1]


"There will be great unemployment as people will be thrown out of work because the work will not be needed, or the work will not be affordable, or the work will be seen as unnecessary."[1]

"Even the wealthy nations will be stricken, with many people unemployed, government leaders seeming impotent in the face of these changes, still trying to maintain what has occurred before and either unwilling or too afraid to express their views of what must really be done to address the situation."[2]

"Do not think that your financial position or your financial status will be preserved into the future in the face of the Great Waves of change. That would be a very grave mistake. For in the future, many people will be unemployed, will not have work and will be financially desperate and destitute." [3]

"The economies of the nations will contract, as they are doing now, but more severely—leaving great percentages of the population in nations unemployed; requiring great assistance; overwhelming the financial resources of nations." [4]


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