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Mental Environment

"When the mind is not in harmony with itself, it experiences its own imbalance and the imbalances in its environment as well. Here it will produce imbalance and discord and respond to what it produces. This creates a vicious cycle in which the mind produces experiences and then responds to its own creations. Rarely is it aware of what it is producing. This discordance generates a force in the world, a force of dissonance. For instance, if you are troubled, concerned or very fearful about something, or if you are very angry or resentful, you will create a dissonance in your environment. Once this dissonance leaves your own mind, it becomes a force in the environment. Now, if only one person is generating this, it will be a very weak force and easily dissipated. However, if many people are generating these kinds of experiences, they will create a force that is more lasting and much more potent and effective. This force, then, can influence other minds in such a way that it seems to overtake them. A mental force in the environment can become very concentrated and quite strong and can have, so to speak, a whirlwind effect on other minds."[1]

"In the mental environment, there are great forces of influence. There are forces of confirmation and there are forces of dissonance. If you contribute to the forces of confirmation, they become stronger. Here you affect the mental environment, both in your immediate circumstances and throughout the world."[2]

Examples of Dissonance

"To those who will be tempted to take up the sword in the name of religion or political advantage: You must recognize that your thoughts, your intent and your actions go against God’s will for humanity. They are in violation of what God intends for humanity. For God intends for humanity to become united and self-sufficient within a universe full of intelligent life."[3]


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