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"Do not fall into the trap of the dichotomy between being loving versus being fearful. The objective here is to see clearly. The real dichotomy is
whether you have wisdom or not,
whether you are responsible or not,
whether you are preparing for the future or not and
whether you are seeing what is coming over the horizon of your life or not." [1]

"You are so addicted to change. You love change and you hate change. You love your physical existence, and you hate your physical existence. It intrigues you. It stimulates you. And yet it hurts you and terrifies you and disappoints you. It is this seemingly irreconcilable problem, confusion, dichotomy that God’s answer addresses directly. For God has placed within you a deeper inheritance that is not confused by what confuses your thinking, worldly mind. It is not befuddled by the world. It is not deceived by appearances. It is not attracted to all the things that seem to induce you and seduce you and lure you. It is not terrified by what terrifies you. It is not afraid of change and loss and death, for it is the permanent part of you" [2]


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