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"You have to become tremendously sober, self-reliant and clear minded. You have to gain control over your emotions and your reactions sufficiently so that you can maintain an awareness of where you are and who you are, no matter what is going on around you. And you will have to overcome the temptations of fear to go into denial, avoidance or blaming others."[1]

The mental environment

"The mental environment is like living in a sea of consciousness. You are swimming in a great ocean of consciousness. Gaining awareness of the mind, controlling its influence on others and controlling what influences it, or at least determining how much this influence can affect you, represents achievement and advancement in education."[2]

"To have a positive influence on someone else’s mental environment, you must first be able to influence your own mental environment. This requires the ability to control and direct your own thoughts. This requires the ability to be aware of Knowledge and to practice stillness."[3]

"A strong mind will always influence a weaker mind. A strong mind can to a certain degree control a weaker mind. This happens even if the stronger person is not trying to cast an influence or persuade anyone to do anything. The fact that his or her mind is more concentrated and less conflicted, with greater intention and self-determination, will have an impact upon other minds that are less focused and less concentrated."[4]


"Yet as you become strong with Knowledge, you will be beyond their control because now they cannot capture your mind or your heart. And with time, you will have the power of perception to see into their minds which they do not wish. You then become a danger to them, a challenge to them, and they will avoid you if they can."[5]

"If Knowledge is a distant voice in your mind, then other forces are controlling you. Then you are vulnerable." [6]

"Do not repress what is occurring within you. Do not control what is occurring without. Simply maintain consistency, and all things will find a right balance and relationship to this."[7]

Resource depletion and government control

"Humanity is heading towards resource depletion. To lose your self-sufficiency in this regard, you cast yourself into a very difficult set of circumstances where your life and your circumstances will be controlled by others—others who are providing you resources that you cannot provide yourself. This establishes nations that are uniform and oppressive, where everyone must think the same and do what they are told."[8]

"Governments will have to become more controlling, minimizing human freedom, even in the freest nations. It will be an emergency that will continue. Many people will struggle against this. There will be much human tragedy and much human bravery and courage."[9]

"You will have to control your population size. You will have to control the distribution of wealth. You will have to provide for the poor. And the wealthy will have to moderate their behavior, their appetites, their greed and their consumption to achieve stability and security." [10]


The Greater Community

"You are entering a much more sophisticated and powerful environment in the Greater Community where outright war is rare, but where deception and the attempt to control are immense."[9]

"Nations that have chosen to live without freedom and to control their people and to restrict their movements, their thinking and their awareness must exercise great degrees of control. They must prevent their citizens from gaining access to Knowledge."[6]

"Immense empires that govern vast regions simply do not work, for there is no way to maintain control over the course of time, and there are too many challenges to disrupt a structure of this size."[11]

"Because you live in a relatively stable region of space, you do not need a great military power, but you will need to maintain sufficient balance and order within your own world, and you will need to maintain a very clear and determined control of your solar system."[12]

The Intervention

"Those who seek to gain advantage here have waited until you built an infrastructure that they can use, and now they are attempting to persuade you to give them the reins of power and to make you dependent upon their technology and the sources of their technology. This approach takes time and patience, but this is how nations gain control over other nations."[13]

"They would control your world. Yet because they do not want to create a human revolution, they will attempt to control your world in such a way that it would be acceptable to people to be controlled. That is why the Intervention that is occurring today is so devious and is being carried out so carefully over time."[14]

"Therefore, understand that from your visitors’ perspective, you are all tribes that need to be managed and controlled in order to serve the visitors’ interests."[15]


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