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"Knowledge encourages all constructive decision making and discourages all destructive behavior and thinking." [1]

"Knowledge generates all constructive thinking and action." [2]

"Your capacity to experience relationship and affinity and your capacity to express yourself constructively with people must be cultivated first in order for you to wisely and successfully encounter intelligent life in the Greater Community. Building this capacity will enable you in the future to have a direct encounter both with your Inner Teachers and with your Spiritual Family." [3]


"You must find out how to constructively express yourself with others. Here you do not want to betray your values, but you do not want to betray your intention for relationship either." [4]

"For everyone, the challenge is to manage sexuality wisely because it represents the movement of your life force. You must become aware of this life force and find constructive expression for it in your life." [5]

"Learn to express your conflicts, your resentments and your angers constructively." [5]

Constructive expression

"Are you finding constructive ways to express your honesty?" [5]

"As you learn to experience the truth and express the truth constructively, you will learn discernment, restraint and tolerance." [5]

"You will find as you learn to constructively express yourself, particularly regarding those feelings and thoughts which may be painful to another, that you can avoid unnecessary conflict in most cases." [5]

With opposing forces

Evil "is something you must contend with. Its many influences and seductions are something you must become aware of and deal with objectively and with sobriety. This objectivity can only come from Knowledge. Knowledge is not threatened by the presence of evil; it merely seeks to deal with it in a constructive manner." [2]

"Only through learning The Way of Knowledge, through trial and error and through constructive engagement with others, will you be able to learn how to discern the Forces of Dissonance within yourself and how to deal constructively with them." [2]

Constructive use of the mind

"If the mind is serving its own ideas and making the body be a slave to this, there will be great confusion and conflict, and nothing will be clear and straightforward. However, when the mind serves Being, it learns how to engage itself constructively and harmoniously in relationships with others. Then you will know who you must be with and what the nature of your engagement should be. This will free you from other compulsions and desires that do not represent Knowledge." [6]

"Before thinking, there was Knowledge. After thinking, there will be Knowledge. Yet do not believe that thinking is useless. Thinking is necessary because you have a mind. To believe that thinking is useless would be like saying that moving your body is useless. You have a body; therefore, it must learn to move in a constructive way. You have a mind; therefore, it must learn to think in a constructive way. This is because you are living in a physical physical and mental reality. [1]

"Human concepts, human speculation and human deception" ... "If you could function without these limitations, your experience of relationship with life and with others would become dynamic, meaningful, purposeful and fully constructive in their expression." [7]

Constructive engagements by Knowledge

“Knowledge will lead you to develop a greater inner security and a greater outer security. It will lead you away from divisive relationships. It will lead you away from an unhealthy lifestyle. It will lead you away from people who are not responding to Knowledge and who are not building a real foundation for their life. It will bring into your life greater relationships, people who are strong and inspiring. And it will bring into your life circumstances that will demand of you a greater responsibility and self-discipline”.....“It will engage your personal mind and all of its strengths and capabilities for a greater purpose—to establish a greater security and stability.” [8]


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