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"The state of mind that you want to achieve is one of clarity, objectivity and determination." [1]

"Do the things you know you must do today, and tomorrow you will know other things that you must do. If you do them, you will know more things that you must do. It is by doing that you gain greater clarity." [1]

Facing the Great Waves of Change

"When the rain is falling and the thunder is clashing, how will you be able to maintain clarity of mind and purpose?" [2]

"You have to get past fear and rejection, shock and awe, to get into a place of greater clarity and objectivity so that you can respond to Knowledge, feel Knowledge, hear Knowledge and see the signs that Knowledge is giving you." [3]

"The Great Waves are converging on the world. You cannot escape them. They are profound and will be long lasting. Do you have the clarity, the sobriety and the honesty to see them clearly, to brace yourself for them emotionally and psychologically and begin to build a foundation for yourself—a foundation created by Knowledge within you, a foundation of relationships, a foundation of activities and a foundation of wisdom?" [4]

"The Great Waves of change will bring great clarity to your life, and they will show you both your weakness and your strength. They will shake you out of your dreams of fulfillment and tragedy. They will bring you to your senses, and they will bring you to Knowledge within you.." [4]

"You will see, with greater and greater clarity as you proceed, how the past has fooled you, how the past has diluted your awareness, how the past has kept you vague and self-obsessed and how the past has kept you locked in an experience of yourself as being weak and incompetent." [5]

"The mental environment will become ever more discordant. People will be snapping out of their dreams of self-fulfillment with great difficulty and tremendous fear. People will be behaving in a self-destructive manner. Foolishness, confusion, hostility and conflict will grow around you. How will you be able to maintain your focus, your clarity, your self-awareness and your connection to Knowledge in this increasingly difficult environment? This is an important question. And it can only be answered by building a foundation in Knowledge, by learning about the Great Waves of change and by considering everything that you do and whether these things will be able to be sustained into the future." [5]

Free to See

"Are your beliefs giving you clarity, or are they a replacement for Knowledge itself?" [6]

"Engagement with life is life giving and is life restoring. Here Knowledge becomes more significant than your memories. Here the experience of clarity becomes more important than the seeming significance of your ideas or beliefs. Here your ability to see and to respond becomes ever more important for your well-being than your cherished ideas from the past." [5]

"The world itself will tell you what is coming if you know how to read it and to discern its signs and its messages. You do this without projecting any of your own thoughts or fantasies or fears. You just watch and you listen, and piece by piece, the picture comes together. But to have this clarity of mind, you must be watching without coming to conclusions, without trying to tie things together, without trying to make things simple and comprehensible. Instead, like building a puzzle, you allow the pieces to emerge and to fit together." [7]

Divine Communication

"God must give a great warning. And the warning must be given with compassion, but with clarity and strength because people are in the habit of not looking and not listening and not paying attention." [7]

"It will require a New Message from God to provide the clarity, wisdom and Knowledge that humanity will need now if it is to capitalize on its strengths and avoid capitulating to its weaknesses." [8]

The Deep Evaluation

"If you can face this [the deep evaluation], you will gain courage. If you can face this without denial, without preference, without projecting your own ideas, hopes and wishes, you will gain clarity and objectivity. Courage, clarity and objectivity—so rare they are in the human experience, and yet so absolutely necessary to provide certainty, direction and balance in one’s life." [6]

"Bringing clarity, simplicity and focus to your life is ongoing. You do not do it all at once. It is ongoing."[6]

"Here you will be looking for deeper qualities in people. Beauty, charm and wittiness will bevseen as having no real value now. You want depth and honesty. You want earnestness. You want clarity." [9]

"Now you are allowing Knowledge within yourself to set the direction, to set the boundaries, to say yes to this and no to that, to give you clarity, to give you back to yourself and to give you a direction and steps to follow." [9]


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