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"An expanding universe of ever-changing events—chaotic it is, unpredictable, difficult, challenging, dangerous, yet beautiful and promising and important if you can grasp it from a greater perspective, from the Greater Coordination."[1]

"Now life is taking a radical turn. It seems to be going into a chaotic state. Change and difficulty are happening in an ever-accelerating manner."[2]

"Humanity will have to choose to unite and to persevere, or to descend into endless chaos and self-destruction."[3]

"There are very few free nations in the universe because freedom is chaotic and disruptive. It is creative. It knows no bounds. And so for many races, they have chosen to eliminate it or to limit it to a great degree in order to achieve social order and stability."[4]


"Conflict is ever present. When order breaks down, there is disorder. If disorder continues, there is chaos. With chaos comes disaster. To help maintain order, you must become orderly. To help maintain peace, you must become peaceful. All of these things are cultivated in you as you give to the world to minimize and in certain cases to eliminate conflict. As you do this, conflict within you becomes minimized and is eventually eliminated."[5]

The mind unfettered

"Imagination without Knowledge is chaotic."[6]

"When you undertake a spiritual practice, you soon discover how chaotic your mind is and how your thoughts vary from one thing to another without any kind of consistency or purposeful direction. "[7]

"Your mind is not used to being directed. It is used to being chaotic, and now you are beginning to direct it in a purposeful and meaningful way."[8]

The natural forces of evolution

"The manifestations of nature—the evolution of worlds, the evolution of life—which seem random and chaotic without specific design or focus, overlaid by the harmonizing power of the Unseen Forces of the universe."[9]

"God has set in motion the forces of evolution and the forces of natural selection. Within this pattern, there is tremendous variability. It appears to be chaotic, but within this overall pattern, there is a natural progression towards complexity and ultimately towards Knowledge for intelligent races who have self-awareness. Here you have overlapping two different kinds of patterns. You have the pattern of evolution that humanity is just beginning to comprehend, and then you have a pattern of evolution regarding awareness and spirituality that has been set in motion and is supported by Unseen Spiritual Forces wherever intelligent life exists. One seems random and chaotic; the other is organized and purposeful. It depends upon the level of understanding and the level of reality which you will consider."[10]

"Selfish pursuits, quests for power and domination, the competition for resources and the isolation of different tribes and groups would lead to an increasing state of destruction and chaos. To temper this and to give humanity greater promise and the possibility of new life and renewal, the Creator is bringing the essence of spirituality into the world constantly and is reinforcing both the old traditions and the new expressions of spirituality that hold promise for humanity, for the present and for the future."[11]

A time of great global change

"The stronger your foundation, the better equipped you will be to weather the storms of the world and to deal with the increasing chaos as people’s confusion, anguish and rage increase all around you. "[12]

"In facing great change and uncertainty, particularly if it has not been anticipated, people do not rely upon logic and reason as much as upon assumptions, habits and the behavior of the people around them. This is why the inner preparation is so important. Without this inner preparation, people will tend to wait until the last moment to react when their options will be few, if any. When many people respond in this way, there is chaos."[13]

"It is a global emergency on a scale you have not yet realized. It has the power to destroy human civilization. It has the power to generate intervention from beyond. It has the power to create chaos here at a level never seen before."[14]

"The world you will be facing will require immense human cooperation, compassion and contribution, or it will be a battleground over who has the remaining resources of the world, [over] who can protect their wealth while other nations fail and collapse. The demands upon humanity will be so great and it will take a great compassion and wisdom to respond to this. But the peoples are too divided. The religions are too shattered. This group opposes that group in the name of their national sovereignty or the Will of God, and it is all set in motion to collapse into chaos." [15]

"Everyone will need to pitch in, or whole cities and communities could collapse into chaos and terrible violence. Starvation could occur even in the wealthiest places as food distribution is disrupted."

"A community must have a center. It must have a purpose. It must have a unifying purpose. And it must be stronger than the will and intent of any person. It must have the Power of Heaven within it to be true, to be lasting and to carry itself forward into a world that will be ever more chaotic within the Great Waves of change."[16]

"Do not worry that others are not responding. Do not concern yourself that humanity remains ignorant and indulgent and foolish in its conquests and its conflicts. For the calling is for you. You have to take responsibility for your life and for your reasons for being here. The calling is for you. You do not need a consensus with others to respond. In fact, you will not have such a consensus. You may be the only person you know who is responding. Even if this is the case, you must respond. You cannot wait for others to give you the reassurance that you should respond, for when everyone responds, there will be panic and discord. There will be tribulation and conflict. You do not want to wait until the moment when everyone responds, for that will be chaos."[17]

In human development

"Personal freedom is chaos without Knowledge."[18]

"Freedom without purpose is chaos."[19]

"You are not yet free to do your mission, so you are not yet free because this is the real meaning of freedom. Otherwise, freedom is simply the right to be chaotic and destructive."[20]

"For you have a path and a journey to follow. It has a certain direction. It has certain goals and thresholds. It is not about wandering aimlessly in the world. It is not about being free to be whatever you want or do whatever you want without consequence, for that is merely chaos."[21]

"In the first stage of dependence, you cannot express yourself because you are not aware of your own experience sufficiently and you do not have the skills or courage yet to break the bonds that hold you. In the second stage of independence, you are breaking the bonds, and your desire to communicate is more a desire to release energy and to unburden yourself than it is to effectively change or impact others. Here self-expression becomes very chaotic. You do not yet realize the consequences of what you say. You are enjoying the freedom of saying it instead."[22]

Among and within religious traditions

"You do not yet have the cooperation amongst you, between you, between your nations, between your religions, who are now descending into ever growing chaos and dissension between one another and even within themselves."[23]

Metaphors and analogies

"The great quiet and peacefulness that exists beneath the surface of the mind."
"It is like the ocean, which is always turbulent at its surface, whipped by the winds of the world, seemingly chaotic and without clear purpose or direction. Yet when you enter the depths, it is a whole other reality. It is quiet; it is pervasive, demonstrating little of the impacts that are occurring at the surface. The greatest storm in the world could be happening above you, but when you are in the depths, even just below the surface in fact, it is an entirely different reality and experience."[24]

"Modern society seems self-indulgent and very chaotic. You are free to shop, but the selection is very great, and you have very little reference on how to make the best choice. In modern society, you are free now to have relationships with very little limitation. Men and women are extremely available to each other as never before. They are not held apart by social castes or economic lines."[25]


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