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"It is during this time, before the Great Waves fully strike, that you have this opportunity to build your Ark. Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah built his Ark." [1]

"You must be with people who can assist you in building your ark and in building their ark as well. Yes you must leave divisive relationships that have no future and no promise. Yes you must re-evaluate your life, your involvements, your possessions—everything. This is building the ark. This is determining what is essential and what is not essential, what you will really need and what you will not really need, what you can actually do and what you cannot actually do. This is why the preparation is more internal than external.”[2]

"You cannot solve this problem for the world. You cannot solve this problem for the nation. You first must build your ark. And you must build the ark before the rains come, before the great change is upon you. You must help others build arks, and you must join your ark with theirs so that you have relationship and community." [3]


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