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The Buddha "lived at a time when social change and progress were really not possible. It was a religion for building the inner life, not for impacting the outer life essentially, not directly. Because at that period of time, it was not possible to create real social progress. That would have to wait until later eras." [1]

"The Buddha knew he could not change the world, and so it became a road and a pathway of development. But it is this inner development that is essential even in the modern time, for Knowledge exists beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, deep beneath the surface of the mind."[1]

"What the Buddha taught about simplicity, focus and inner direction becomes important if you are ever to escape the turbulent surface of your mind."[1]

"God’s Plan is to save everyone—not the select few, not those who claim that Jesus is their lord, not them alone, or those who claim to be the followers of Muhammad, or to practice and apply the teachings of the Buddha, or to follow the ancient scripts of the prophets in Judaism." [2]


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