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Using the breath in meditation

"You can’t really think and deep breathe at the same time; it doesn’t really work mechanically. So to do simple deep breathing while you’re focusing on that sound or that object helps to bring your mind into a center line, helps to center you."[1]

"Choose a single syllable meaningless word, like the word 'one' or 'um' or 'om'—just a meaningless word—and to just repeat this in your mind to yourself. You can even follow your breath. Your breath could be, so to speak, what you focus on. And just as your mind tends to wander away from that, begins to think again, just come back. Just come back. It’s almost like this meaningless word, this sound, this sensation of breathing is like a little pebble, a little pebble that you’re thinking mind can attach to. And it and of itself will begin to sink deeper and deeper through the quieter levels of the mind.

Initially, you’ll find yourself bouncing right back to the surface. You’ll sit down for 20 minutes and you will feel like you were just…you were still thinking. That’s okay because you just repeat your meaningless word; you just breathe and you follow your breath. And over time, you’ll begin to create tracks, little pathways through the mind."[2]

Guidance from Steps to Knowledge in using the breath in stillness practice[3]

“Begin by taking three deep breaths and then focusing on an internal point. It may be an imaginary point or it may be a point in your physical body. With eyes closed, simply give this your full attention, without judgment and evaluation. Do not be discouraged if early attempts prove difficult. Beginning anything important in life can be difficult at first, but if you persist, you will achieve this great goal, for in stillness all things can be known.” [4]

“Allow your mind to become very still. Breathe deeply and regularly as you gaze upon an object. Allow your mind to settle down into itself.”[5]

“Sit quietly with your eyes closed, breathing deeply and regularly, attempting to feel the truth beyond the constant restlessness of your mind. Use your breath to take you deeper, for your breathing will always take you beyond your thoughts if you adhere yourself to it conscientiously. Let nothing distract or dissuade you.”[6]

“Concentrate in meditation upon feeling the presence of your Spiritual Teachers. This is not something you have to try to do. It simply means relaxing, breathing and allowing your mind to open.The quality of your relationship with your Teachers is essential to give you strength and encouragement, for you may justly doubt your own skills, but you have good cause to fully trust the skills of your Teachers who have passed this way before on their way to Knowledge. They know the way, which they are seeking now to share with you.” [7]

“Sitting silently and breathing deeply, let yourself truly feel the presence of love, which signifies the presence of a greater purpose in your life.”[8]

“Dedicate yourself to stillness and receptivity. By now, you are beginning to learn how to prepare yourself for stillness—using your breath, concentrating your mind, relinquishing thoughts and reminding yourself that you are worthy of such an effort.”[9]

“If you will be still, breathe deeply and not weave fantasies—neither happy fantasies nor fearful fantasies—you will begin to experience what is actually there. Your Teachers are actually there. And today you can practice being with them.”[10]

“Return to being with Knowledge, in humility and simplicity, in stillness and in silence. Breathe Knowledge in. Allow Knowledge to enter and fill your body. Allow yourself to be immersed in Knowledge and all things will become clear, for with Knowledge all things become clear and all questions disappear.””[11]

“Indeed, even in your preparation now you are teaching Knowledge, and you are strengthening Knowledge in the world. Perhaps you cannot yet see this, but in time this will become so evident to you that you will learn to value every moment, every encounter with another, every thought and every breath.”[12]


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