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"Visiting terrestrial planets always has a biological hazard if they contain a large biological presence. Many groups have become sickened and have perished." [1]

The role of biological contamination in the Greater Community

"Terrestrial planets create biological hazards for visitors." [2]

"It may seem strange to people that the world would be so hazardous for an advanced race who did not evolve here. But it is true nonetheless. If you live in a sterile environment, you can visit other sterile environments, or you can visit environments where there is a very limited diversity of life, if you are prepared for them. Biological creatures are vulnerable to contamination everywhere in the universe. " [3]

"Technological races function in largely sterile environments. They engage with each other in sterile environments. Commerce between nations is rarely carried out on the surface of their worlds unless those worlds have been stripped of their biological agents, or they are planets that never had the presence of a biological evolution. They are simply being used as bases of operation. In the affairs of engagement and commerce in the universe, contact is nearly always made on board craft of some kind or in environments that are well protected and secure from the invasion of other biological agents."[3]

"But actually multiracial environments are fairly rare because of the biological hazards involved. Unless races have evolved to function together and have developed the necessary technology and medical boundaries to prevent contamination, then you rarely find many different races living in one world. Yet if races live constantly in sterile environments, cohabitation is possible and is practiced." [4]


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