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"You may pray for all number of things. But if you cannot respond to what God has given you, then really your prayers and your invocations are dishonest. They are born of ignorance, arrogance and foolishness."[1]

Mental Environment


"Do not prostrate yourself to the Creator if you are unwilling to carry out what you were sent here to do, if you cannot take the Steps to Knowledge, if you have the arrogance to think you can determine your fate and your destiny and fulfillment."[2]

"Turn to the Knowledge of God that lives within you—beyond your thinking mind and beyond the ideas, concepts and beliefs that have been historically established within humanity. For there is a moral and ethical foundation to your existence. Should you violate this, you will suffer the consequences, not because God is punishing you, but because you are punishing yourself, because you have turned away from what God has placed within you and because, out of arrogance, ignorance and vanity, you have given yourself authority to override what God has placed within you."[3]

"You must not exercise human arrogance regarding the Greater Community. If you believe that humanity is a blessed race and that the rest of the Greater Community is made up of barbarians who have not received God’s endowments, then you will be making a critical and fatal mistake. This will deny your ability to learn, to evolve, to adapt and to meet the greater challenges that lay ahead."[4]

"Do not think that God will save humanity in the end if humanity should choose a path of self-destruction. Do not think that God will save humanity by removing all the dangers and consequences that have been produced by humanity’s ignorance, arrogance and conflict."[5]

Orson Welles-Citizen Kane1.jpg

Ignorance and Arrogance

"Human ignorance and arrogance unite into a dangerous combination, a combination that is vehement and oppressive. It is jaded and highly opinionated. It is polarized and will continue to divide the human family—a division that can only weaken you in the face of the great change that is coming to the world." [6]

"People assume that God is here to serve their mind, to validate their ideas, to fulfill their expectations, to satisfy their desires. But, you see, this is all backwards. It is fundamentally incorrect. Its ignorance and its arrogance become quite apparent when you really consider it. But people live within their surface mind, and so they think everything revolves around that. The whole universe revolves around their ideas about themselves."[7]

Arrogance at an Unprecedented Turning Point

"The message of The Great Waves of Change is direct and challenging. Its assault upon human ignorance, assumptions and arrogance is unrelenting."[8]

"There must be greater clarity about what you are dealing with and will have to face in the future, and this will moderate your errant and destructive behavior. This will give you pause before you condemn or attack another people or nation. This will moderate extremism and fundamentalism and all of the arrogance and ignorance that manifests itself with such vehemence and eloquence in the world."[6]

"Human ignorance and human arrogance here must be corrected if humanity is to find the strength and the will to unite for its own preservation and for the preservation of this beautiful world that has been given to humanity as its home in the Universe."[5]

Arrogance in the Light of Revelation

"Here [in the light of the Revelation] you will see arrogance and ignorance wedded together in a self-deceptive form that so many people adhere to."[2]

"Most religions of the world are based on an anthropocentric view of the universe. Consequently, as the presence of Greater Community forces in the world becomes more obvious and apparent, more acceptable and more generally recognized, people will either yield to a larger viewpoint and open themselves to re-evaluate their ideas and their fundamental beliefs, or they will try to reassert their religious ideas, thinking that they are in the right and that the rest of the universe somehow is in the wrong. They will think that they are blessed and guided by their religious faith, while the rest of the universe has either been spiritually denied or has been too foolish to respond. Human arrogance will demonstrate itself here in all of its destructive manifestations. You will see this, and your children will see this."[9]

Arrogance in the Greater Community

"In the Greater Community, because of the diversity of life, there is never just one way. The differences in nature, temperament, orientation, belief and communication in intelligent life in the Greater Community are so great that no one way could suffice for all beings. This is true in your world as well, though many people still try to make their way the only way in order to dispel their own disbelief and to give themselves false assurances. In the Greater Community, you rarely find this kind of arrogance and competition."[10]

"Some of your most intellectually brilliant people are in total denial of the Intervention and think life in the Universe is some distant possibility. And you ask yourself, “Well, if they are so brilliant and so well informed, why can’t they feel this presence in the world today? Why can’t they even face this as a possibility and study the evidence rather than dismissing it out of hand? If people are so smart, how can they be so stupid?” Ignorance is one thing. Ignorance can be compensated by gaining information and perspective. But this is not merely ignorance. This is arrogance. It is the assumption that you know what life is in the Universe. Oh, my God! Humanity knows what life is in the Universe? Oh, my God! Humanity is so far from knowing what life is in the Universe, it is pathetic!"[11]

"In a way, the Intervention is the most challenging thing that could happen to humanity. Part of humanity’s liability or weakness here is its presumption that it really understands life, that it really knows what is happening in the Universe, that it understands who can travel, who cannot travel and how long it takes to get to planets. It assumes that human understanding sets the standard for all understanding in the Universe. This is human arrogance, which supports and fortifies human ignorance."[11]


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