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"All sparks of achievement come from beyond the world." [1]

"Your body can become a vehicle for Knowledge if it is serving the Spirit. This is its highest achievement, and it is towards this that your true development is aimed." [2]

"To achieve a greater achievement in the realm of relationship, well, that is something else. Here you cannot have part of you being an idiot and another little part of you being brilliant and be a brilliant idiot who can only do one thing very well and be handicapped in everything else." [1]

"There is something very important when you look at people who are involved in great achievements. Often they are not very well-rounded people. They are very advanced in one area and not so advanced in other areas. In terms of purely worldly achievement, this is always the case. But in terms of achievement at a higher level, this cannot be the case. Purely worldly achievement requires using relationships to bring about an intended result, but achievement at a higher level has an entirely different emphasis on relationship. Here relationship is the result. What you achieve, you achieve in relationship." [1]


Meaningful, Purposeful and Valuable Achievement

"When you are truly engaged in achievement, you are concentrating on what is essential." [1]

"An achievement has two aspects: the first is realization, the second is accomplishment. You cannot separate them. They must happen together." [1]

"You have all come here to achieve something. It is a possibility. There are no guarantees that you will do it in this life because that is up to you. You have all come to do something specific. By achieving that, you will be able to end separation within yourself and therefore be able to complete your work at this level." [1]

"If you sense that you have something to achieve in life that you must achieve, it is important that there is someone in your life who loves you enough to challenge you when that is necessary, to comfort you when that is necessary and to reassure you when that is necessary." [1]

"There is something else very important about achievement. You must be extremely concentrated, not only concentrated in terms of your perspective, but concentrated in terms of your life force. You must have tremendous vitality to go in the direction you must go. You will find this quality apparent in all individuals who are achieving something important in any area-a tremendous concentration of energy and focus." [1]

"To achieve anything in this life, you must exert tremendous energy to do it, and yet the achievement we are speaking of is not only an achievement based on your own ability, but an achievement of carrying a Greater Power in your life that far exceeds anything that you individually can do alone." [1]

Facing life

"As you proceed, you will also learn to cultivate the necessary abilities that you will need to face life, to give to life and to understand your way in life. These abilities are patience, perseverance, compassion, discernment and discretion. These great abilities are necessary for any achievement in any field, yet to realize a greater purpose in life and to be able to experience it and apply it effectively, these greater abilities will be called upon even more, and you will need to rely upon them." [3]

"The development of the person is an important achievement within the first stage of life, and yet in your society the social structure is not established in order for people to have mature relationships at a young age. Rather, there is a prolonged adolescence where people experiment and play with each other. As a result, there is a great deal of suffering and loss of energy and vitality in people in the world today." [4]

“Becoming a true contributor in life, guided by your own Knowledge and unfettered by your own interpretation of reality, is the greatest achievement possible and one that will make you a great resource for everyone you come in contact with and for people whom you will never see.” [5]

Facing the Greater Community

"Though the understanding of the mental environment is only in its beginning stages here, it potentially represents a great achievement for humanity and one that will enable you to offset the interference of other Greater Community forces in your world, whose social cohesion and technological ability far exceed your own." [6]

"We are imparting to you a greater Wisdom, a Wisdom that has been difficult for us to achieve, that we have achieved at great cost. Our ability to be here to assist humanity is a demonstration of this achievement." [7]

"Despite our many errors and the tragedy of much of our history, humanity has kept Knowledge and spirituality alive. In a universe of civilizations where these have so often been forgotten and denied, this a great achievement. The power of Spirit and individual freedom have not been lost here, not yet." [8]

Following The Way of Knowledge

"The Harim’s numbers are few, and their skill is only revealed to certain individuals at certain times and is rarely demonstrated publicly. They are hidden, and that is why they are able to maintain their Wisdom. Their power has been protected from the usurpation of governments, trade organizations and guilds, military powers and so forth. You cannot yet see and understand how great an achievement this is, what it means and what it can teach you about power and ambition in life." [6]

[Jesus'] "example provided a greater foundation for relationship, a greater foundation for recognition and a greater possibility for mutual development and achievement. This has been necessary for the development of international societies. This has also been necessary for the development and advancement of your race into a technological age."[9]

"Encountering a member of your Spiritual Family will give you the greatest possible experience of true relationship with another that you can have in the world. That is the value of this encounter. But with this recognition comes responsibility. Here the requirement that you perceive this relationship and participate within it correctly is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the greater the achievement, the greater the requirement."[10]

"For what can be more valuable and more essential than when two people truly touch each other and give to each other even in the simplest of circumstances, in the simplest of gestures? This is the high point of human achievement. Brilliant inventions and great achievements in human learning can be extraordinary, but nothing can surpass that moment when two spirits touch through the human mind and body."[11]


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